The Capital

Founded in 2017, The Capital is a now defunct bimonthly online magazine and predecessor to the Gazette. It was founded primarily to serve a student body with a growing appetite for all things international affairs, by providing a platform for students and alumni to share their opinions or industry experience. It also sought to explore niche subjects not found within the familiar bins of politics, like Transhumanism, space politics, and the role of fashion in the civil rights movement, to name a few. 

To date, the three issues have reached close to 1500 readers from across four continents, far exceeding initial expectations. In a bid to better serve our readers and community, we decided to turn the magazine into the news site you see today to provide frequent, running articles and easier access. 

To browse previous issues of The Capital, click here, or scroll through the embedded versions below. You may also download the PDFs through this link here

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About Us

The IAS Gazette is a news site run by undergraduates from the Singapore Institute of Management’s International Affairs Society (IAS). Founded in 2018, it traces its roots to The Capital, a now defunct bimonthly magazine previously under the IAS.

The Capital Magazine